Joe and Shaun Ryder in 1996. Wish these weren’t watermarked, but still amusing. :D


♫”’BRIAN SETZER & PHIL RAMONE & DAVE KAPLAN  & JOE STRUMMER strutting info the studio …☺.”’♫

Courtney Love photographed by Mario Testino, 2009.


Courtney Love photographed by Mario Testino, 2009.

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PJ Harvey on 50ft. Queenie


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Great, thanks to my realization that Benicio del Toro looks like Smokey Bear, I discovered they made Smokey 3D and I’m now really creeped out. 


If he’s just an American thing, he’s basically a bear that says, “yo’, don’t start forest fires cuz that crap is annoying cuz I have to beat it out with my shovel or something.”

Apparently, and I only vaguely remember this, last night I came out here, high on Ambien. I took an entire PLATE of pizza, my husband said “like four slices”, microwaved it, sat on the kitchen floor, picked off and ate every piece of pepperoni, then sat there smooshing the bare pieces into cheesy lumps of grossness until he told me to go back to bed. 

I guess I wanted to sculpt pizza. I only recall the picking pepperoni bits off and having really greasy hands for some reason.

When you think the light in the fridge is burnt out because it’s darker than a really dark thing in there, but oh, never mind, it’s just blocked from all the pizza boxes.

Joe Strummer photographed by Pennie Smith.

Joe Strummer photographed by Pennie Smith.

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So anyway, I told him I was in a band, he said ‘Oh yeah, oh yeah - what’s your music like?’ 

I said ‘It’s um, um, well, it’s kinda like…you know, it’s got a bit of, um, you know: Ragga, Bhangra, Two-Step, Tanga, Mini-cab radio, music on the go…um, Surfbeat, Backbeat, Frontbeat, Backseat - there’s a bunch of players and they’re really letting go! We got: Brit Pop, Hip Hop, Rockabilly, Lindy Hop, Gaelic Heavy Metal fans fighting in the road…ah, Sunday boozers for chewing gum users, they got a crazy D.J. and she’s really letting go…’

Joe Strummer - Bhindi Bhagee

Live at the 100 Club. This clip is brilliant.

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